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Mindblowing service fees

Eventyco is developed to help Organisers manage and sell their events. We strongly believe that the price model we offer is one of the best opportunities for all your future business.

First of all, every attendee will pay his ticket directly to you, the Organiser of the event. For that purpose, he can send you money using standard bank account transfers or you can connect your PayPal and Paymill accounts for online payments with credit cards. In that case, the money will be transfered to your payment gateway account and we will not hold your money even for a second.

The Eventyco Service Fee (ESF) will be charged for every successfully paid ticket in amount of 2% of ticket price. Given the circumstances that the ticket prices can vary from event to event we have set the minimum and maximum for the ESF.

1 €
minimum fee
6 €
maximum fee